Social Care Interpreting

Much of MaryFaith’s interpreting practice is in the social care sector. She is familiar with the working practices, policies and procedures that underpin the social care environment.

MaryFaith appreciates the value of a positive intervention and of the working relationship that can emerge when communication is successful between the individuals engaged in the interaction. She has five years experience working within statutory social services in the UK, in an administrative post of a busy team dealing with child protection and family support and in a deaf services team.


I am an electronic notetaker. I met MaryFaith three years ago when we worked together with the same university client (last year the student successfully graduated with their degree). I’m always impressed with her professionalism, experience, and client-centred approach. It’s a pleasure working with her and delivering good results.

DYX, hearing colleague

MaryFaith is diligent and has an excellent work ethic. She brings a balance of both relevant knowledge and skills to interpreting domains and types of work she undertakes. It is always a pleasure to co-work with MaryFaith, she is very supportive, knowledgeable and professional.

GD, interpreter colleague