Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) On receipt of an enquiry MaryFaith Autumn will reply with regard to availability.

2) To provide a quote the following information is required:

Date, time, location and expected length of the assignment
Nature of the event (eg a medical appointment, social services activities, police interviews, work-related meetings or training)
The expected number of deaf and hearing participants
Any known additional needs of the deaf participants (ie learning difficulties or mental health issues)
Plans to take still or video photographs at your event that might capture the interpretation
3) Quotes are all-inclusive (preparation time, professional fee, relevant expenses) and therefore provided on an assignment-by-assignment basis. Once the above information is received, the quote can normally be offered within 12 hours.

4) Confirmation of services is accomplished in the following manner:

Receipt of an email from your organisation providing a Purchase Order number and/or sent by the person responsible for payment with the word ‘Confirmation’ should appear in the subject line
Until your booking has been confirmed, MaryFaith reserves the right to accept assignments from other organisations or individuals
5) Once your booking has been confirmed a cancellation policy comes into effect. If a Booking can be re-scheduled within a week there will be no cancellation fee. Bookings that cannot be re-scheduled and are cancelled with less than five working days notice are subject to the full agreed assignment fee.

6) Additional information:

If an event goes longer than agreed when the assignment was confirmed, an hourly rate will be charged for any additional hours or portions thereof. This hourly rate is available on request.
Some assignments, because of their length or the nature of the communication event, may require two interpreters or the employment of other adjunct communication professionals. MaryFaith will discuss this with you prior to confirming the assignment, and may be able to recommend suitable co-workers who would invoice you separately.
MaryFaith Autumn provides Sign Language – English interpreting services for situations where deaf and hearing people are engaged in a communication activity. If after waiting for a maximum of thirty minutes, an activity is not attended by both groups of people it will be deemed a cancellation.
7) Invoicing information:

An invoice will be provided by e-mail within seven days following the event and providing details for payment by electronic bank transfer. Payment will be expected within thirty days of the date on the invoice.
Should your organisation prefer to pay by cheque please ensure that cheques are received five working days before the payment due date.
Late payment of invoices may attract administration charges.